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Giving Back

Snowie of OKC can accommodate over 500 servings per hour, which makes us the perfect addition to your fundraiser! Anything with fundraising or fun - sports leagues, school events, festivals and fairs, school sports, birthday partie, corportate events, picnics, church events, block parties, daycares and preschools - We can do it all! 

Snowie Bus

Why Snowie of OKC?

Have you seen the Snowie of OKC bus? Simply put - there is no comparison. What sets us apart is our patented self-serve technology: 10 flavors that you can apply yourself! Our sound system pumps out your choice of music that will have your party jumping.

Snowie of OKC is more than shaved ice, it's a total taste, sight and sound experience. We do the work so you can enjoy the event. Once you try Snowie of OKC, you will never rent a snow cone machine again!

Snowcones with Straws

How does it work?

Just tell us where to park and who to make the check out to! Really - it's that simple. Snowie of OKC will partner with your organization, league or school to sell shaved ice and return a generous portion of the proceeds. We have several different fundraising programs. Snowie of OKC is excited to discuss a program that is right for your event!

Flavorstation on a Snowie Bus

Profit Sharing

We generate additional revenue above what you are receiving from concessions, complementing the concessions experience for your customers and creating revenue for your organization.

The more times Snowie of OKC is invited and the bigges the attendance, the higher the revenue for your events! During the course of the sports league season, it's not unusual for us to donate thousands of dollars.

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